A joy to own, a pleasure to use & a delight to present as a gift.

Ever since introducing the world’s first electronic calculator with a memory function, CASIO has pursued readability, ease of use, and unparalleled accuracy.

Now, the release of the S100X marks a new milestone in the history of CASIO electronic calculators.
These calculators embody the technologies and pride of CASIO, which has contributed to the evolution of calculators for fifty years.

The advanced technologies, superb quality, and sophisticated design and materials of the S100X makes a statement about the status of the owner.

These calculators provide authentic value available only from CASIO, which has been making innovative electronic calculators for over a half century.

Diamond cut treatment that adds luster to the periphery of the casing.

Elastomer stopper provides stability during operation. *The image is of the S100X.

Aluminum levers with a spin texture that adds shine

Comes in a gift box that is perfect for gifting. *The image is of the S100X.


Compact Desk Type




An elegant design that instills joy of ownership


Product Features

  • Multi conversion
  • Tax calculation
  • Angled display
  • Elastomer stopper
  • 5-year warranty

Number of digits

  • 12 digits

Key characteristics

  • Durable Anti-fade Keys
  • Double zero key


  • Grand total (GT)
  • Independent memory

Size (D × W × H)

  • 183 × 110.5 × 17.8 mm

Product type

  • Compact Desk Type

Liquid crystal display

  • Extra Large display
  • Function command signs
  • 3-digit comma markers

Key functions

  • Three-key rollover
  • Shift key (▶)
  • Sign Change (+/-)

Power supply

  • Solar & Battery
  • CR2025×1
  • Auto Power Off


  • 265 g

Display format settings

  • Decimal selector (4/3/2/1/0/ADD₂)
  • Rounding selector (F・CUT・5/4)

Basic calculation

  • Basic Calculation
  • Profit margin percent
  • Square root (√)
  • Rounding Function

Applied calculation

  • Multi conversion
  • Tax calculation

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