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PX-S7000 / PX-S6000


Style, Reimagined


With its sophisticated design, uncompromised sound, authentic touch, and innovative functions, the Privia series has reimagined the way pianos can be incorporated into our lives. The Privia PX-S7000/PX-S6000 models combine Casio’s leading technology with stylish designs to let you experience a new degree of harmony with your lifestyle and environment. The PX-S7000 model comes in three colors, complete with built-in pedals and stand that exquisitely realizes the traditional aesthetics of the piano, while the PX-S6000 can be played with or without the stand (CS-90P; sold separately) depending on your preferences and situation. With the PX-S7000/PX-S6000, you can have the freedom to choose the style that best suits your lifestyle.


Style Concept


As part of our mission to redesign style we have adopted a modern form based upon a minimalist concept, focusing on clean, straight lines, breaking away from the traditional curved lines and bulkiness of conventional pianos. Both models share the same modern straight line design, including the slim body, interior-like speaker fabric as well as the same transparent music stand. The main difference is that the PX-S7000 comes complete with a fully integrated stand with a home décor style wood-grain finish and pedals giving it the aesthetic beauty of an acoustic grand piano. It features a metal frame that connects the main body with the pedals for excellent stability, and comes with a stylish felt piano cover. The PX-S6000 features a composite design that includes an organic wood-grain finish on the main body that makes it look great on its own wherever you place it, or you can combine it with the black stand that is sold separately and the felt piano cover comes with it. The style of the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 has been designed to create excellent affinity and harmony with a diverse range of lifestyles and environments. Traditional pianos are often positioned against walls so the back isn’t visible but in order to fully harmonize with your lifestyle and give you the freedom to use it anywhere in your room, the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 has been designed to look elegant from any angle, seamlessly blending into any style.



Carefully selecting the coloring is also an essential part of achieving a design that is in harmony with your lifestyle. The PX-S7000 is available in 3 colors, black, white and a unique new color variation that we like to call “Harmonious Mustard”. The Harmonious Mustard is an especially unique color that is rarely used for pianos. This elegant and warm color was developed via thorough research into current interior design trends in Europe and selected for its ability to naturally blend into a wide range of stylish living spaces. The Harmonious Mustard color also features a grand piano style polished finish to the body’s details, further enhancing the sense of luxury and style like any other carefully selected piece of furniture. The PX-S7000 comes with an integrated wood-grain-finished stand, whereas the PX-S6000 features a composite design that can be used on its own or with a black stand (sold separately). The coloring of the main body combines glossy black with a wood-grain-finished part to compliment the black stand and also make it easy to incorporate into a wide variety of interior designs. The design concept is all about being in harmony with your lifestyle and this is represented through the color of the speaker fabric, stand and felt piano cover (sold separately for PX-S6000), and metal frame (PX-S7000 only) being synchronized according to each model’s primary coloring.

Piano Stool


A special collaboration stool has also been developed with CRASH GATE, an independent label from the long established Japanese interior company “Seki Furniture”. The stool has been designed from the perspective of the pianist and is optimized for playing the piano. It is designed with the same straight lines and form factor as the PX-S7000 to achieve the same aesthetic of a modern digital piano. The materials used have also been very carefully selected to achieve the highest quality possible. It is made from high-grade natural wood combined with cast iron to create a solid feeling of stability and a modern, fashionable fabric that lends an excellent accent to any interior space. Two colors are available, one light and one dark to match with the piano of your choice. Style meets functionality thanks to the combined expertise of musical instrument manufacturing and furniture design, tested and perfected over many experiments of trial and error. The seat’s height can be seamlessly adjusted to match the physique of the user and create the optimal sitting position for playing the piano. A relatively shallow sitting position is widely considered best in terms of reaching the pedals and for enabling a wide range of movement while playing. However, this stool is not only designed to provide a stable base for this type of seated position but also with careful consideration to the balance between the surface area of the seat and the position of the legs, combined with excellent cushioning to provide the most comfortable and effective experience possible. This is truly a unique stool that effortlessly combines the functional qualities needed from a piano stool with the style and sophistication that you would expect from expertly crafted furniture.

*CRASH GATE is a trademark of Seki Furniture Co., Ltd. 

Minimalist Design


We have adopted a minimalist design that utilizes Casio’s unique technology to help the piano blend naturally into the surroundings, with excellent freedom of usability no matter where you choose to play it! Thanks to our original high-density mounting technology, the internal circuit boards can be stacked vertically, which helps to create a compact body. The face of the piano is also kept sleek and minimalist by incorporating LED touch buttons on the console panel which enables easy adjusting of settings while reducing the number of switches and buttons. This maintains a clean, clutter-free aesthetic to increase the harmony with the surrounding interior.


High-Quality Sound in a Compact Body for Optimal Performance

Advanced Sound System

A Sound System with Outstanding Resolution and Localization for Even More Expressive Performance


The speaker diaphragm has been made as large as possible while fitting into the compact body to achieve a powerful sound. Mica, a reinforcing material used in many high-end audio products, is incorporated into the diaphragm of the PX-S7000 and PX-S6000 speakers to produce high frequencies with greater detail. In addition, the internal structure of the speakers allows for a wide range of voice coil movement for increased sound capacity, while producing richer and more resonant low frequency sounds. In short, every nuance the player expresses is faithfully reflected in the sound giving the player outstanding freedom in their musical performance.

With Even Greater Expressive Power, All the Performance Characteristics of a Grand Piano


With improved expression of the low and high frequency ranges, the resultant sound is well-balanced with an excellent sense of presence and localization, faithfully capturing the authentic feel and balanced sound of a grand piano.

Spatial Sound System

One of the key features of the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 models is that they come equipped with the Spatial Sound System. This is a newly developed proprietary technology with patent-pending, which flexibly adjusts the field of sound based on the position of the piano. So, what does this mean in terms of the performance? Well, they feature four full-range speakers and each driven by an 8W amplifier, contained in a highly solid resin and wood hybrid casing that helps to produce a clear yet powerful sound that minimizes distortion as a result of suppressing unwanted sympathetic vibrations. Side Enhancing Diffusers are equipped to the outer speakers which help to produce a wide-spreading sound despite the fact that the piano itself is compact. The sound output from each of four speakers in the Spatial Sound System is individually adjusted by various elements such as frequency, volume, and localization. By combining the sounds from these four speakers in the air, it has allowed us to create a natural field of sound that was not possible with previous conventional two channel stereo technology, greatly improving the audio experience for outstanding playing performance! They also have a surround function that allows you to adjust the spread of sound in three different stages.

Piano Position Function

By taking advantage of the Spatial Sound System, the acoustics can be adapted using the Piano Position function, which alters elements of the sound emitted from the four speakers based on where you are using the piano, giving you unprecedented freedom to use your piano where best suits your lifestyle! You can choose between four different built-in modes. The first is Standard which as the name suggests, is the default, most common setting and assumes you are playing on a stand. The next mode is called Wall for when playing up against a flat surface. When played against a wall, the range of the bass becomes weaker and reflected sounds from the surface of the wall can cause disturbances in the frequency. The spread of sound from left to right is also reduced as the sound tends to gather in the center, so the Wall setting compensates for this. This setting when combined with the four speakers, corrects the sound and optimizes your playing experience even when played next to a wall! The Center mode is designed for when playing in the middle of a room or a group of people. When placed in the middle of a room, reflected sound from the surroundings is reduced so it is harder to feel higher ranges as well as the left and right spread. This setting compensates for this by adjusting the sound, improving the experience even for someone listening from behind. The last mode is Table, which corrects the disturbance in sound frequency caused by reflecting off from the surface when placed on a table. By using these four different Piano Position modes you can experience an unrivaled degree of freedom that lets you use the piano anywhere in the room without ever compromising the sound quality!

Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source

Harmonically Rich and Vivid Sound the Distinctive Sound of a Grand Piano
[Acoustic Simulator]


The harmonically rich sound of an acoustic grand piano is produced by a combination of the complex mechanism within the instrument’s large body and the changes in overtone structure from the approximately 230 strings that resonate according to the player’s articulation, musical phrasing and use of the pedals. Casio’s proprietary Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source produces the natural, full-bodied sound of a grand piano with incredible detail. The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 delivers a vivid, harmonically rich sound thanks to the dense overtones of each individual string for all 88 keys tuned for its unique speaker system String Resonance, which exposes the harmonic relationships between various strings when keys are struck. Also Damper Resonance reproduces the resonance occurring when a damper pedal is pressed and the other and all the strings are free to resonate. The PX-S7000 features Open String Resonance and Aliquot Resonance that resonates even when the damper is not depressed. Damper Noise (the sound of the damper leaving the strings) and Key Action Noise (the mechanical sound unique to grand pianos made when keys are pressed softly or when keys are released) are also audible. Touches like these are the secret to the grand piano experience.

Changes in Timbre Based on the Nuances of the Player
[Multi-Dimensional Morphing Technology]


The timbre of a note played on an acoustic grand piano changes expressively depending on how the key is played and over time as the note continues to ring. Casio’s unique Multi-Dimensional Morphing Technology produces smooth volume and timbre changes according to key velocity and time (temporal change), allowing players to express the full range of playing styles from gentle pianississimo to powerful fortississimo.

Multi-dimensional Morphing Technology (Volume,Keyboard Pressure,Time)

Sound Generation Technology that Maximizes the Expressive Power of an Acoustic Grand Piano
[Lossless Audio Compression]


Most digital pianos use “lossy” compressed audio waveform data for their piano sounds. When a key is pressed, the appropriate waveform data is decompressed and played back. Because the compression is “lossy”, however, the sound – like MP3 files – is inevitably degraded in comparison to the original. AiR Sound Source, on the other hand, uses lossless audio compression (reversible compression and decompression), which not only preserves the original sound but also allows for playback of many compressed waveform variations. The result is a beautifully expressive piano that can be played as you would an acoustic grand.

Sound Samples



Versatile High-Quality Tones

The above-mentioned sound source allows the creation of a wide range of high-quality tones. You can choose from many different tones that deliver sounds based on numerous grand piano samples including world renowned instruments, as well as the complex and rich changes in timbre that is unique to acoustic pianos. Tones from many famous electric pianos are also available! The response data of each instrument has been measured and internally stored. Not only does it accurately express the sound of each instrument, but it also precisely reproduces circuit response characteristics such as the pre-amp. This is only possible because it uses high-performance LSI’s that can compute huge amounts of data at high speed in real time. In addition to the wide variety of tones that are already installed, you can use the Tone Modify function which is included as part of the console for the PX-S6000 and via a downloadable app for the PX-S7000. This lets you fine-tune the individual characteristics of each tone to create your own unique versions, giving you endless creative freedom and expression.

Play along with Classic Tunes
“All the Classic Tunes at Your Fingertips”

To further enhance your enjoyment, the PX-S7000 comes equipped with exclusive acoustic piano tones and the PX-S6000/PX-S7000 both feature electric piano tones and instruments also found in many famous songs. Not only the characteristics of the instrument, but also the effects and the texture of the recording can be accurately recreated, allowing you to relive some of your favorite songs from history in your own musical performance!


Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard


The PX-S7000 and PX-S6000 are all equipped with the newly developed Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard. This internal mechanism is combined with the latest digital control technology to help deliver the authentic touch of a grand piano but with the compact style and convenience of a digital instrument. One of the key characteristics of the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard is that it uses the weight of the hammer in the same way as a grand piano so that it feels soft when played gently, and when played strongly there is an increased feeling of resistance. The keyboard is also equipped with counterweights to help balance the hammer action, maintaining smooth and stable movement even when played with a light touch. The difference in touch feeling is influenced by the weight of the hammer, and each of the 88 keys of a grand piano has a different size hammer and therefore a different weight. Not only the weight of the hammer, but also the thickness and the number of strings differ so the “touch” varies greatly depending on the keyboard range. In order to accurately produce the touch of a grand piano, the 88-Key Digital Scaling technology is used to change the loudness produced by each key, and the hammer response also adjusts the timing of the sound that subtly differs for each key. As a result, the touch differs when playing each key, just like a grand piano.


The Key Off Response function digitally controls the timing of muting, based on the movement of the keyboard when the finger is released. For example, when playing the same note repeatedly, the sound will be pronounced clearly each time, even if the key has not returned fully to its resting position. This gives you more freedom and detailed touch expression with how you connect and cut sounds! You can adjust the Key-Off Response to three different levels, allowing you to add either a touch of legato or staccato to best match the song you are playing!


The Key Off Simulator function helps to faithfully reproduce the difference in release time (the time from when the key is released until the sound completely disappears) based on the key-release speed. In other words, the expressiveness of rests has been improved by realizing the nuances in reverberation that is unique to a grand piano, such as the length and expression of the sound that changes depending on how quickly you remove your fingers from the keyboard. This allows you to further express your individuality and freedom when playing.


Additionally, the white keys are made from a mix of resin and high-quality spruce that is also used in grand pianos!  New keyboard processing is used along with embossing to give the white keys a more natural ivory-like look and feel, and a more ebony-like appearance and texture to the black keys.  This keyboard maximizes playability while also reproducing the natural touch of a grand piano, with a stylish finish that will add a sense of luxury.

What’s “Touch”?


One of the most important points to consider when choosing a digital piano is the “touch”. But what exactly do we mean by the word “touch”? Touch is the tactile response you feel in relation to producing the desired sound when pressing keys on a piano. The hammer action refers to a mechanism that uses the same weight as the hammer of a grand piano to create a weighted feel and is commonly adopted by many digital pianos. However, the core mechanism of producing a sound is different between a digital piano and an acoustic grand piano, so therefore the relation between touch and sound is also different. In other words, the touch of an acoustic piano can only be accurately recreated by adopting both digital control technology and physical mechanisms. The “touch” of the keyboard is determined by a complex range of factors including the down weight, up weight, touch sense, and the other dynamic mechanisms involved. Down weight, is the number of grams needed to cause a key to depress. The down weight is often considered the only factor when discussing whether a touch is light or heavy but in reality there are countless other factors to consider. The up weight refers to the maximum static load applied to the lowered key to make it return to its original position. Therefore the up weight also has a large impact on the touch.


The hammer action of a piano is based on the principle of a lever, thus according to the universal laws of action and reaction, the harder you play, the heavier the load will feel on your fingers. Another way of thinking about this is that the more touch-sensitive and louder the piano, the lighter the touch will feel. Digital pianos cannot alter the physical mechanisms so they utilize the natural laws of physics in order to change the weight of the touch in relation to the desired sound.


With acoustic pianos, depending on the size of the hammer and the thickness and length of the string, the bass keys can often feel heavier to the touch. Furthermore, finger position can affect whether the touch feels light or heavy i.e. the more you play the front of the keyboard, the lighter the touch, and the more you play the back, the heavier the touch.


The Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard is designed to comprehensively combine the physical mechanisms with digital control technology that allows the user to experience the optimal “touch” and desired sound output based upon how they are playing the piano.



The shape of the pedals for the PX-S7000 model has been newly designed to better resemble the design and playability of a concert grand piano. With regards to the pedal unit, the hinges have been strengthened, the board parts simplified, and the overall size has been made more compact, allowing the pedal to be longer and larger. In addition to supporting a continuously variable damper pedal, the PX-S7000 supports two-stage variable soft pedal, allowing for more subtle adjustments in nuance, making it excellent for highly skilled users who want more creativity. Furthermore, in addition to increasing the pedal response, the stroke feeling has been adjusted and optimized. This makes it easier to add nuances through subtle pressing of the pedals, improving the freedom of expression when playing.

Real Time Control


Experience the most dynamic performance potential possible thanks to real time control that intuitively adjusts tone as you play! Both the PX-S7000 and PX-S6000 have a wide variety of built in DSP effects, and on the PX-S6000, you can edit the details of the parameters to drastically change your performance which gives you greater freedom to express yourself. Both models also feature a Tone Modify function, so you can fine-tune the sound to your individual taste. The PX-S7000 and PX-S6000 are also equipped with an arpeggiator function, which lets you select from 50 pre-programmed broken chord patterns where each note is played separately. It also includes 25 that have been specifically designed for playing on your own. Furthermore, by using the Recommended Setup feature, it will automatically apply recommended sounds and settings according to the arpeggiator pattern, making playing with the arpeggiator even more enjoyable and effective. When layering or splitting, each part can be turned on/off individually. This allows for greater individual expression and freedom so you can find your own unique new ways to enjoy playing music! Both models have a CONTROL button and a pitch bend wheel on the keyboard sleeve. The pitch bend wheel, CONTROL button, and a commercially available expression pedal can be assigned functions and you can control them in real time. You can adjust the volume with the expression pedal, apply modulation while pressing the Control button, and change the speed of the rotary effect with a single touch. The pitch bend wheel can also be used to subtly change the pitch to add extra nuance to your performance. Furthermore, it is also possible to change the range of pitch to be adjusted with the pitch bend wheel. Additionally, the PX-S7000 is equipped with two EX buttons and the PX-S6000 has two assignable knobs. Various functions can be assigned to the EX buttons, and among them is the control function for the downloadable app available for smart devices. Assigning the functions including these DSP effects and Tone Modify parameters to knobs on the PX-S6000 gives you the power to intuitively change tone characteristics in real time. By utilizing these many features you can intuitively adjust the tone as you play, giving you greater freedom and flexibility in your performance.

Microphone Input


Both the PX-S7000 and PX-S6000 are equipped with a standard phone MIC IN jack (TS phone) with a dedicated input gain knob, which means that if you connect a commercially available dynamic microphone, your voice can be output from the high quality built-in speakers along with the sound of your instrument. You can also record directly onto the piano and apply Hall Simulator/Reverb or Microphone Effects. There are 25 types of built-in Microphone Effects, such as a mastering effect that adjusts the dynamics and quality of the sound as a whole, echo which is a staple for editing vocals and even more unique effects that can drastically change your vocal output. This means you can adjust your voice to match the song or style that you want for incredible freedom when you want to play and sing at the same time.




By installing the included Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor*, the possibilities of the PX-S7000 and PX-S6000 are further expanded. Using Casio’s own technology that combines audio and MIDI data over USB, the adaptor allows you to play music from your smartphone, tablet or other device through the speaker system of the PX-S7000/PX-S6000, as well as share MIDI data from the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 with your smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices. Although some latency and signal distortion are unavoidable when using Bluetooth, Casio has made several technological advances to deliver outstanding speed and stability, allowing for stable music playback and the ability to play along using the free to download app for smart devices called CASIO MUSIC SPACE. By downloading the dedicated app to your smartphone, you can control, touch response, resonance, metronome and many more features with one touch. You can also easily monitor and adjust multiple features at once using the app, allowing for excellent usability and freedom for your musical experience.

Illumination Function


The PX-S7000 has exclusive illumination effects to help maximize its visual appeal and make it as aesthetically enjoyable as possible. It features a touch ring that lights up while being operated or when music is being played via the Bluetooth Audio. The touch ring glows and rotates at the same speed as a LP record, and the LED buttons flash in time with the song being played. The colors of the pitch bend wheel also change based on the sounds being expressed, for example, warm colors to express strong rising pitches, and cooler tones to express softer falling pitches creating a more dramatic playing experience. The pitch bend wheel has three different color variations (Cool, Colorful, and Active), allowing you to customize and enjoy your playing experience to the fullest.

  • Same as the WU-BT10 (sold separately)
  • The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and are used by Casio Computer Co. under license. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.
You can store the PX-S6000 in its optional carrying case (SC-900P; sold separately) and enjoy music whenever and wherever you like. The PX-S7000 can also be put into its case by detaching its built-in pedals and stand. Whether it’s your living room or your friend’s house, the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 can be carried with you to the location of your choice. Express yourself with top-quality sound, wherever your heart desires.

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