T H E   E L E C T R I C I AN Z

– where innovation, style, and electricity converge


Based in the horological hub of Bienne, Switzerland, our journey began in 2017 as a fusion of minds belonging to a diverse group of engineers, gamers, and designers. Affectionately known as ELZ, we stand at the forefront of timepiece creation, drawing inspiration from the dynamic world of electricity.


Our ambition is bold and electrifying –

to craft objects that vividly illustrate electrical phenomena, transcending the conventional boundaries of timekeeping. The Electricianz resides in a futuristic realm, transcending the ordinary and propelling timekeeping into a new era. seamlessly blending electronic technology with lifestyle, all while remaining at the forefront of contemporary fashion.


At our core, we are storytellers –

We weave tales of innovation and imagination, infusing our timepieces with the essence of underground cultures and the vibrancy of contemporary visual arts. Each tick of The Electricianz watch resonates with a commitment to pushing boundaries, inviting you to join us on a journey through the captivating realm where technology and contemporary fashion meets lifestyle.


Welcome to world of Electricianz, where timekeeping is not just a necessity but a canvas for the expression of electrical artistry. Explore our latest drop and experience the pulse of innovation that defines us.

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Get ready for the next wave of innovation from The Electricianz as we prepare to unveil not one, but two groundbreaking variants – the Dark Z and Bionic Z.






Stay tuned as we embark on this electrifying journey where creativity, reliability, and the power of electricity converge. The evolution of timekeeping is about to reach new heights. Are you ready?