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We are dedicated to the pursuit of grand piano tradition, and are meticulous about focusing on the essence of the piano—its sound and touch. Simultaneously, we have introduced various features that enhance the charm of the piano through new experiences. Powered by Casio’s unique sound source technology, our instruments deliver delicate and rich tones. The acoustics system provides an unparalleled sense of authenticity, making you feel as if a grand piano is right in front of you.

The integration of physical mechanisms and digital technology ensures responsiveness that is comparable to the sophisticated techniques of classical pianos, complementing the expression of the musical performance with a dedicated keyboard. Moreover, Casio brings a fresh perspective to enjoying the piano with innovative features that allow visual confirmation of your performance. Packed with Casio’s distinctive ingenuity, our instruments provide a unique approach to enjoying the piano like never before.

The AP-750, is equipped with a proprietary acoustics system and inherits the advanced sound source from higher-end models, that allows you to fully savor the allure of the classical piano.

The AP-550 enables you to fully enjoy the expressive power and joy of playing grand pianos along with their rich heritage.

For those seeking a slim design without compromising authentic musical performance, the AP-S450 is your choice— seamlessly bringing the joy of playing to your room.

Experience the freedom and joy of tradition in a new light with the CELVIANO by Casio.


Uncover a sublime piano experience with CELVIANO, meticulously crafted to provide the ultimate piano sound. Casio’s expertise in piano sound source technology, diverse repertoire of tones, and unique acoustic technologies come together to immerse the player in the pinnacle of piano performance.

Thoroughly Pursuing Expressive, Dynamic Resonance.

CELVIANO captures the rich, nuanced sound of grand pianos with its advanced sound technology. Play with subtle variations for expressive, well-balanced tones – just like a real grand.

Three renowned grand piano tones (including C. Bechstein) are included, powered by Casio’s AiR Grand Sound Source technology (AP-750) or Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR (AP-550/AP-S450).

Experience the natural beauty and emotional depth of a grand piano, from delicate touches to powerful crescendos.

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A Diverse Palette of Piano Tones Depicting Timeless Traditions.

The grand piano, with its large body and intricate structure, generates a rich and delicate resonant sound. CELVIANO meticulously explores this resonance through Casio’s unique sound source technology. It captures the nuances of playing, expressing resonances based on your touch, achieving elongated harmonics, and delivering a vivid, well-balanced sound. This extends to complex tonal changes influenced by variations in the force applied to the keys and the passage of time, faithfully reflecting the subtle nuances of the performer and creating the rich expressiveness distinctive to grand pianos. Embedded in the AP-750 are three grand piano tones cherished by musicians worldwide: Berlin Grand, Hamburg Grand, and Vienna Grand, including C. Bechstein. To convey the enchanting beauty of these tones, Casio employs the “AiR Grand Sound Source,” featured in the flagship CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Series. The AP-550 and AP-S450 also incorporate two beautiful grand piano tones using the “Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source.” From delicate touches that are like taking a breath to dynamic and powerful expressions that convey the player’s emotions, these instruments offer a natural, beautiful, and delightful grand piano playing experience.

Immerse Yourself in a Vivid Acoustic Space, Embracing the Natural Resonance of the Entire Instrument

Immerse Yourself in Grand Piano Sound:

Forget just hearing sound from speakers. Casio’s innovative acoustic design lets you experience the rich and full sound of a grand piano, complete with delicate overtones and a sense of expansiveness. This is achieved through a unique design that directs sound throughout the instrument, replicating the natural resonance of a real grand piano.

Enhanced Experience with the AP-750:

The AP-750 takes this concept even further with its “Grandphonic Sound System.” This system uses multiple speakers to distribute sound elements, creating an incredibly realistic and immersive listening experience that makes you feel like you’re surrounded by the sound of a grand piano.

All Models Deliver Exceptional Sound:

Even the slim AP-S450 utilizes a carefully designed speaker layout to deliver a wide and expansive sound. Additionally, all Casio digital pianos feature special sound processing that ensures a natural and full listening experience, even when using headphones.


CELVIANO focuses on the distinctive, expressive power and playability of grand pianos. With a hammer action and digital technology that ensures an authentic key touch, along with three pedals that capture subtle nuances, these digital pianos provide an unparalleled playing experience.

Seamless Integration of Musician and Instrument: A Masterful Artistry in Keyboard Touch Technology

Casio has thoroughly designed and developed a new keyboard action called “Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition” specifically for these digital pianos (AP-750, AP-550, AP-S450). It combines the feel of real grand pianos (hammer mechanics) with digital technology for precise touch response and sound. This allows for expressive playing and adapts to your playing style, just like a grand piano. The keyboard is also highly stable for even the most demanding classical pieces.

For a more natural playing experience, the white keys use a special material combining spruce wood and resin, with a textured surface like ivory. The black keys have a matte finish that feels like real ebony. Both the look and feel are designed to be comfortable and natural.

Unlocking Expressive Possibilities From the Ground Up

The AP-750, AP-550, and AP-S450 boast meticulously crafted pedals that capture the feeling and nuances of a grand piano. These pedals go beyond simple on/off functionality.

The damper pedal, for instance, not only sustains notes but also responds to how deeply you press it. This allows for subtle control over lingering tones, adding delicate expressions to your performance. Similarly, the soft pedal provides a more natural change in timbre for softer passages, broadening your expressive capabilities.

For the AP-750 and AP-550, the pedals are even more advanced. Reinforced components and adjustable positions ensure stability, while optimized shapes and spacing allow for a deeper press. This translates to a wider range of expressive possibilities. Notably, the AP-750 features continuously variable damper and soft pedals, allowing for the most nuanced control over sound. Even the slimmer AP-S450 utilizes a continuously variable damper pedal, enabling delicate expressions despite its size.

Overall, these sophisticated pedals elevate your playing experience by offering an authentic grand piano feel and nuanced control over your music.


The CELVIANO series seamlessly merges the values of traditional piano with modern technology, providing more than just sound reproduction – it introduces a fresh approach to playing. The AP-750, AP-550, and AP-S450 redefine the piano experience, transcending the boundaries of conventional instruments.

A New Approach to Visualizing Performance on the Piano

Introducing the “Visual Information Bar” on the front panel. This bar lights up to show various aspects of your playing, helping you improve beyond just listening.

Imagine a stylish metronome that uses five light patterns to guide your tempo and rhythm. That’s just the start! The bar also displays the strength of your keystrokes and how deeply you press the pedals. This visual feedback allows you to see nuances in your playing, like finger strength, evenness of repeated notes, and precise pedal timing.

By seeing these details, you can identify areas for improvement that might be difficult to hear alone. This is helpful for both practice and lessons. Teachers and students can analyze each other’s performances visually and aurally, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the music.

The Visual Information Bar goes beyond traditional learning methods. It makes practicing piano more engaging and interactive, transforming it from just playing music to a dynamic experience that helps you truly connect with the instrument.

Review Your Performance Instantly

Reviewing your performance is now easier and more immediate than ever before. With the “Instant RePlayer,” you can initiate continuous recording at any moment, allowing you to listen back to your musical performance for up to 270 seconds. Easily choose the playback starting point with specified seconds or marked positions, swiftly confirming any missed notes or challenging sections. This convenient feature provides valuable insights for quick reflections on your performance, helping you identify nuances and patterns during solo practice sessions.

Bluetooth Connectivity Wireless Freedom For Endless Enjoyment.

With the included Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor “WU-BT10,” you can unlock the possibilities of Bluetooth® audio connection and MIDI data communication between your smartphone or tablet and the piano.

Listen and Learn:

  • Connect your smartphone or tablet to enjoy your favorite music played through the piano’s high-quality speakers. The Visual Information Bar even lights up in sync with the music, adding a fun visual element.
  • Use the free “CASIO MUSIC SPACE” app to explore the world of piano. This app connects via Bluetooth® and offers a user-friendly interface on your device. With it, you can easily select different piano tones, adjust settings, and access various features to enhance your learning and enjoyment.

Discover a Personalized Way to Play:

The “CASIO MUSIC SPACE” app, along with other Bluetooth® functionalities, provides a range of features designed to make learning and playing piano more fun and convenient. Explore and discover how to personalize your piano experience and unlock new ways to enjoy this wonderful instrument.

Note: Bluetooth® is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Discover the perfect instrument, tailored to your playing needs scenes from our diverse lineup. The AP-550 and AP-S450 offer three color variations, with the Rosewood-style Brown being a meticulously crafted new color that enhances your piano experience








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