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With its sophisticated design, uncompromised sound, and innovative functions, the Privia series has transformed the standard for digital pianos. Designed for ultimate mobility, the Privia PX-S1100/ PX-S3100/ PX-S5000 models are able to cater to various lifestyles and be placed in any space. But of course, its slimness does not take away the quality as a musical instrument —- experience the possibilities and comfort of having a piano that fits your style.

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With the PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000, you can choose the piano that best suits your musical needs and lifestyle. The PX-S1100 was designed to easily fit into the user’s daily life, while the PX-S3100 is installed with the most tones of the series for those who desire a wide variety of expressions. Last but not least, the PX-S5000 incorporates the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard and has a fine, glossy finish on the top panel, and reproduces the authentic sound and touch of a grand piano, combined with modern and stylish looks.



A special piano for a special space. The slim size and simple, minimalist design have been crafted to match a range of room sizes and interiors.


The World’s Slimmest* Digital Piano for Any Space


A key feature of the PX-S1100/PX-S3100 is its slim body. As the world’s slimmest* 88-key digital piano with a depth of just 232 mm and the hammer action mechanism internalized, it can easily be placed in your living room, bedroom, or elsewhere and fill your space with music.
While having the same body as the PX-S1100, the PX-S5000 features a design that allows you to see the grain of the spruce material on the side of the white keys when played. They are made from a spruce and resin hybrid, which combines the characteristics of Privia and the essence of an authentic grand piano.

*In terms of depth among digital pianos with 88 hammer-action keys and built-in speakers, Casio survey as of September 2022.

Sophisticated, Minimalist Design


The minimalist design and flat, mirror-like top panel with touch controls offer a sophisticated look. The striking gold logo on the surface of the body adds an extra touch of elegance.

Simple Colors to Blend in with Your Style


The stylish one-tone color of the pianos can blend into any room with ease, and serve as a tasteful accent. The PX-S1100 is available in three color variations: black, white, and red, while the PX-S3100 and PX-S5000 are offered in classic black, which blends in well with any style of room. Choose your favorite color and match it to your room and interior style.



Privia faithfully delivers the sound and playability of a grand piano. Experience the expressive touch, from the low notes all the way through to the high, and lose yourself in your playing. Casio’s technology, condensed into a slim body, delivers outstanding performance as an instrument.

Beautifully Captures the Sound of a Grand Piano


A grand piano’s large body and complex structure create a range of resonances that give it a rich, detailed and unique sound. Casio’s original Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source accurately generates the unique resonances of a grand piano. The PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 delivers a vivid, harmonically rich sound thanks to the dense overtones of each individual string for all 88 keys tuned for its unique speaker system. The expressive changes in timbre created by the instrument’s response to key velocity and temporal change are finely controlled, giving you the freedom to truly express yourself in all styles of playing, from soft and nuanced to dynamic and powerful.


The PX-S1100 comes with a selection of basic piano tones and electric piano tones as well as some from other instruments. The PX-S3100 offers greater usability and functions that offer much more freedom of expression. First of all it drastically increases the volume of tones available as well as having DSP effects which allows you to change and customize the tones to suit you! It also features knobs and a pitch bend wheel that you can assign functions to in order to intuitively control the tones in real time, to help bring out the individuality of your performance! The PX-S5000 further improves the touch and expression of performance to create the optimum digital piano experience! It also has the same Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard that is included in the higher grade models. By accurately realizing the sound and tones of a high quality grand piano, you can take your sound performance to the next level in the comfort of your own home! 

A Speaker System that Brings Your Performance to Life


The speaker system of a digital piano is one of the most important factors in determining the realism of the piano sound. The speaker system of the PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 features a strengthened diaphragm for a cleaner, richer high end and an improved inner structure design for a more dynamic low end. The result is a well-balanced sound with a strong sense of presence and localization that captures every nuance of your performance.

Delicate Touch, Expressive Sound


Although it has the slimmest body in the world for a digital piano, the PX-S1100/PX-S3100 utilizes Casio’s unique technology to produce the high-quality sound of a grand piano all inside a compact frame. They are all equipped with Casio’s Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, the action mechanism of which has been reduced in size to fit into its compact body, accurately conveying the player’s detailed nuances and delivering outstanding performance as an instrument. 

The PX-S5000 Features a Smooth Touch and Sound like a Grand Piano


The PX-S5000 incorporates the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard, which is Casio’s latest technology that digitally controls the weight and sound level generated by each of the 88 keys, replicating how the keys of a grand piano would move lightly when played softly, and resist movement when played strongly. With this mechanism, the piano faithfully conveys the nuanced expressions of the player, just as you would expect from a grand piano. The white keys are made from a mix of resin and high-quality spruce that is also used in grand pianos, and the white and black keys replicate the ivory and ebony texture, enabling the same feel as when you play a grand piano.


The built-in tones have also been adjusted to optimize the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard. This makes the tones richer and allows you to play a wider range of musical genres with enhanced sound output. Even when playing the same tones as installed on the PX-S1100/PX-S3100, the PX-S5000 achieves a higher-quality feeling that is closer to that of a grand piano. Experience the grandeur of performance made for players who desire the authentic touch and sound of the grand piano with the PX-S5000. 

Expand Your Possibilities with the PX-S3100 


The PX-S3100 possesses a number of features that enable you to access a wider range of musical expressions. Firstly, this model is installed with an LCD display that allows you to easily navigate the full feature set. It also has 700 types of instrumental tones, which is the most of the whole Privia series, allowing you to switch your sound as needed in a performance and indulge in different kinds of genres. Additionally, it comes equipped with 100 kinds of DSP effects that can change the tone in various ways. The DSP effects can be applied to any sound, and its parameter settings can be changed to your liking, and with the attached knob and pitch bend wheel you can adjust those effects and other various parameters such as tones and pitch in real time. Not only that, but the PX-S3100 boasts the Auto Accompaniment function which can automatically play an array of accompaniment patterns when you play chords, and has a registration function where you can save items like your favorite rhythm sequence or tone for you to bring up at any time. Explore the possibilities that come with the Privia PX-S3100 and let your creativity run free.



Expand your musical experience using the included Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor*. The PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 offers possibilities beyond just playing the piano to let you enjoy music to the fullest.

*Same as the WU-BT10 (sold separately)

Let the Music Play on with Bluetooth® Audio


Bluetooth® Audio connectivity makes it easy to use the speaker system of the PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 as a wireless speaker for your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth® Audio enabled device. Switch on the Surround effect for true room-filling sound. You can play the PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 at the same time, so you can play along live with your favorite songs.

Wireless Control
Select Tones and Change Settings from Your Smart Device


The PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 can be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet using the free mobile app CASIO MUSIC SPACE. Change settings such as tone, touch response, resonance and metronome, and select songs from the built-in music library. Using the free mobile app CASIO MUSIC SPACE or Piano is a great way to discover new ways to enjoy your PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000.

The Freedom to Fully Express Yourself

Casio’s Piano Technologies Come Together in the Privia PX-S1100, PX-S3100 and PX-S5000


The Privia PX-S1100, PX-S3100 and PX-S5000 have been designed to blend seamlessly into any space while delivering Casio’s unique yet authentic piano sounds and touch. As the world’s slimmest* digital piano and housing Casio’s various proprietary technologies, the PX-S1100, PX-S3100 and PX-S5000 are equipped with smart functions and an enhanced speaker system that can broaden the way you perform and enjoy music while delivering ultimate accessibility. The PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 are equipped with the Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard which combines innovative physical mechanism and digital control technology. The PX-S5000 comes with an even higher-end Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard that delivers the authentic touch of a grand piano. Not only does it bring the expressive power and playability of the original, but the texture gives you a playing experience that makes you feel like you’re playing a grand piano.


*Based on the depth of an 88-key digital piano with hammer action and built-in speakers (as of September 2022, according to research by Casio).


The World’s Slimmest* Digital Piano, Perfect for Any Room


The keyboard mechanism, speakers and other components have been miniaturized as far as possible while still delivering the highest performance. Crucial to the keyboard’s small size is Casio’s proprietary high-density technology, featuring a space-saving internal structure with the circuit board mounted vertically. These innovations and others have made possible the world’s slimmest* digital piano in terms of depth – allowing for extremely flexible placement.

*Based on the depth of an 88-key digital piano with hammer action and built-in speakers (as of September 2022, according to research by Casio).



The Full Sound and Rich Resonance of a Grand Piano

[Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source]

AiR = Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator


Harmonically Rich and Vivid Sound The Distinctive Sound of a Grand Piano

[Acoustic Simulator]


The harmonically rich sound of an acoustic grand piano is produced by a combination of the complex mechanism within the instrument’s large body and the changes in overtone structure from the approximately 230 strings that resonate according to the player’s articulation, musical phrasing and use of the pedals. Casio’s proprietary Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source produces the natural, full-bodied sound of a grand piano with incredible detail.


The PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 delivers a vivid, harmonically rich sound thanks to the dense overtones of each individual string for all 88 keys tuned for its unique speaker system. Sympathetic resonances can be heard when the damper pedal is pressed and all the strings are free to resonate (Damper Resonance). Damper Noise (the sound of the damper leaving the strings) and Key Action Noise (the mechanical sound unique to grand pianos made when keys are pressed softly or when keys are released) are also audible. Touches like these are the secret to the grand piano experience.

Changes in Timbre Based on the Nuances of the Player

[Multi-Dimensional Morphing Technology]


The timbre of a note played on an acoustic grand piano changes expressively depending on how the key is played and over time as the note continues to ring. Casio’s unique Multi-Dimensional Morphing Technology produces smooth volume and timbre changes according to key velocity and time (temporal change), allowing players to express the full range of playing styles from gentle pianississimo to powerful fortississimo.


Sound Generation Technology that Maximizes the Expressive Power of an Acoustic Grand Piano

[Lossless Audio Compression]


Most digital pianos use “lossy” compressed audio waveform data for their piano sounds. When a key is pressed, the appropriate waveform data is decompressed and played back. Because the compression is “lossy”, however, the sound – like MP3 files – is inevitably degraded in comparison to the original. AiR Sound Source, on the other hand, uses lossless audio compression (reversible compression and decompression), which not only preserves the original sound but also allows for playback of many compressed waveform variations. The result is a beautifully expressive piano that can be played as you would an acoustic grand.

Sound Samples




* All brand/product names used in the list above are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated or associated with Casio. These trademarks are mentioned here as a reference to a sound only.

High-Quality Sound in a Compact Body for Optimal Performance

Advanced Sound System

A Sound System with Outstanding Resolution and Localization for Even More Expressive Playing


The speaker diaphragm has been made as large as possible within the confines of the space available to achieve a powerful sound. Mica, a reinforcing material used in many high-end audio products, is incorporated into the diaphragm of the PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 speakers to produce high frequencies with greater detail. In addition, the internal structure of the speakers allows for a wide range of voice coil movement for increased sound capacity, while producing richer and more resonant low frequency sounds. In short, every nuance the player expresses is faithfully reflected in the sound.

Mica, a reinforcing material, is incorporated into the speaker diaphragm to improve the resolution of high-frequency sounds.

An internal structure that expands the range of the voice coil movement produces richer and more resonant low frequency sounds.

With Even Greater Expressive Power, All the Performance Characteristics of a Grand Piano


With improved expression of the low and high frequency ranges, the resultant sound is well-balanced with an excellent sense of presence and localization. Capture the joyful feel of a grand piano.


Miniaturized Keyboard Mechanism with a Naturally Expressive Touch

Compact Yet a Pleasure to Play

[Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard]


The action mechanism, with hammer weighting the same as a grand piano, has been greatly reduced in size. Despite a slim body depth of just 232 mm, the PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 have the natural touch of a grand piano.

Experience the High Quality of a Grand Piano

[88-Key Digital Scaling and Hammer Response]


The 88 keys of an acoustic grand piano have different hammer sizes and weights—giving each key a different touch. Casio’s 88-key Digital Scaling technology digitally controls the sound level generated by each keypress. The sound timing, which varies subtly with the sound range, is adjusted by the Hammer Response function according to how the keys are played, which further enhances the grand piano experience. 

Enhanced Expressiveness When Playing Repeated Notes and Muting.

[Key Off Response]


The note-off timing is digitally controlled based on the key’s movement when released. When playing repeated notes, each note is voiced distinctly even when the key does not fully return to its original position. This allows for detailed touch expression, controlling how a note starts to ring and how it is damped, as you would expect from a grand piano. In addition, the PX-S5000 features Key Off Simulator, which effectively expresses the different nuances in length and sound of notes based on the speed that you release your finger from a key. This increases the freedom of expression of the user and further recreates the experience of playing a grand piano.

Piano Keys That Feel Right to the Touch


The keys have a quality feel and are smooth to the touch. The fine-grained finish on the key surface prevents slippage caused by perspiration, and the keys feel comfortable to the fingertips even during long sessions.


A Compact Action Mechanism with a Natural Piano Touch


The reduced size of the action mechanism has allowed Casio to create the world’s lowest profile digital piano. The hammers and other components essential for the creation of sound have been reduced in size to the absolute minimum to achieve a slim body that maintains a natural piano touch.


A High Level of Performance Realized Through a Space-Saving Hammer Action Mechanism


Casio has developed a unique yet compact hammer action mechanism that optimizes the hammer weight, center of gravity and moment of inertia to achieve a balance between the gentle response when the key is played softly and the dynamic response when the key is played forcefully.


A Proprietary Hammer Holder Mechanism for More Accurate Key Touch


The hammer holder mechanism is designed to prevent excess vibration and ensure stable upward and downward movement of the hammer, offering a stable and precise touch.

More Accurate Key Touch
Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard


The PX-S5000 is equipped with the newly developed Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard. This internal mechanism is combined with the latest digital control technology to help deliver the authentic touch of a grand piano but with the compact style and convenience of a digital instrument. One of the key characteristics of the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard is that it uses the weight of the hammer in the same way as a grand piano so that it feels soft when played gently, and when played strongly there is an increased feeling of resistance. The keyboard is also equipped with counterweights to help balance the hammer action, maintaining smooth and stable movement even when played with a light touch. The difference in touch feeling is influenced by the weight of the hammer, and each of the 88 keys of a grand piano has a different size hammer and therefore a different weight. Not only can the weight of the hammer, but also the thickness and the number of strings differ so the “touch” varies greatly depending on the keyboard range.


In order to accurately produce the touch of a grand piano, the 88-Key Digital Scaling technology is used to change the loudness produced by each key, and the hammer response also adjusts the timing of the sound that subtly differs for each key. As a result, the touch differs when playing each key, just like a grand piano.


The Key Off Response function digitally controls the timing of muting, based on the movement of the keyboard when the finger is released. For example, when playing the same note repeatedly, the sound will be pronounced clearly each time, even if the key has not returned fully to its resting position. This gives you more freedom and detailed touch expression with how you connect and cut sounds! You can adjust the key-off response to three different levels, allowing you to add either a touch of legato or staccato to best match the song you are playing!


The Key Off Simulator function helps to faithfully reproduce the difference in release time (the time from when the key is released until the sound completely disappears) based on the key-release speed. In other words, the expressiveness of rests has been improved by realizing the nuances in reverberation that is unique to a grand piano, such as the length and expression of the sound that changes depending on how quickly you remove your fingers from the keyboard. This allows you to further express your individuality and freedom when playing.


Additionally, the white keys are made from a mix of resin and high-quality spruce that is also used in grand pianos! New keyboard processing is used along with embossing to give the white keys a more natural ivory-like look and feel, and a more ebony-like appearance and texture to the black keys. This keyboard maximizes playability while also reproducing the natural touch of a grand piano, with a stylish finish that will add a sense of luxury.


Wireless Connectivity for Boundless Entertainment

Expanding the World of Privia with Bluetooth

[Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor]


By installing the included Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor*1, the possibilities of the PX-S1100/ PX-S3100/PX-S5000 are further expanded. Using Casio’s own protocol that combines audio and MIDI data over USB, the adaptor – a world first*2 – allows you to play music from your smartphone, tablet or other device through the speaker system of the PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000, as well as share MIDI data from the PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 with your smartphone, tablet or other electronic equipment. Although some latency and signal distortion are unavoidable when using Bluetooth, Casio has made several technological advances to deliver outstanding speed and stability for robust music playback and the ability to play along using the associated app. 


*1 Same as the WU-BT10 (sold separately)

*2 In terms of wireless adapters that do not require an external power supply and can handle both audio and MIDI (as of February 2021, according to research conducted by Casio)

*The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and are used by Casio Computer Co. under license. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Real Time Control


The PX-S 3100 is equipped with a wealth of DSP effects that can drastically change the tone. It has a Pitch Bend Wheel that can smoothly raise or lower the pitch of the current sound and two assignable knobs on the keyboard sleeve that you can assign parameters to and use them intuitively to change the tone. By using these controls, DSP effects can be adjusted intuitively in real time. This allows you to achieve outstanding dynamic and freedom of expression that is not possible with normal instruments. It is also equipped with the Arpeggiator function, which can automatically provide arpeggio patterns depending on the music you are playing. All of these settings are clearly displayed on the full dot LCD display. You can explore new and fun ways to customize and create your own individual sound.

Privia PX-S1100

Privia PX-S1100BK

Privia PX-S1100WE

Privia PX-S1100RD

Privia PX-S3100

Privia PX-S3100BK

Privia PX-S5000

Privia PX-S5000BK

Due to their size and weight, grand pianos are usually installed permanently in the space in which they are played. The PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 were designed to meet the needs of players who want all the sound and touch of an acoustic grand piano but in an easy-to-carry format. Add in battery power and an optional carrying case (SC-800P; sold separately), and you have the ultimate portable digital piano.

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