Brand Statement


In Harmony with life


Made to harmonize with the diverse ways that modern people live, the Privia series is the perfect piano for those who want to design their own lives. With its sophisticated style, uncompromised sound, authentic touch, and innovative functions, the Privia series redefines the standard of digital pianos and allows you to explore a wider range of musical expression in your own style. Discover the harmony that Privia brings to your life and shape your musical experience according to your desires.

Style, Reimagined

PX-S7000 / PX-S6000

Unprecedented Freedom and Possibilities, in Tune with Your Lifestyle


Authentic to the touch, with a versatile design – the Privia PX-S7000/PX-S6000 is equipped with Casio’s proprietary cutting-edge sound system technology and brings a reimagined sense of freedom to the piano and the player. Break free from the rigid standards of playing a piano and find the pleasure of your instrument harmonizing with your lifestyle. Enjoy your musical experience without compromise.


PX-S1100 / PX-S3100 / PX-S5000

A Musical Space All to Yourself


With its slim, stylish and lightweight body, the Privia PX-S1100/PX-S3100/PX-S5000 is portable and can fit and compliment any space that it is placed in. It is also equipped with smart functions that can broaden the way you perform and enjoy music. With its ultimate accessibility and innovative functions, this model promises a closer, more personal connection to music.

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