Live Life Out Loud with Casiotone

Whether you’re making music just for you, or to bring joy to others, your creativity will flourish with the CT-S400. If you’re sparking a new passion for music, or reigniting an old flame – this keyboard is the perfect home for all. This little firecracker packs immense power into a compact package, offering versatile tones, rich audio, and limitless possibilities for fun. Indulge in the feeling of making music anywhere and with anyone. The CT-S400 will bring endless delight and inspiration to your world.
Unleash your passion with the Casiotone CT-S400.

Lifelike Sound.
Always with You


Connect deeply with the true essence of sound. Vivid and clear piano tones are just the tip of the iceberg. Rejoice in the vivid tones of the AiX Sound Source and delight in expressive, high-resolution voices as they shine through Casio’s new and unique acoustic system, ensuring you experience a fresh, powerful sound that will never fail to enhance your creativity.
Who would have thought that such a compact design could produce this level of luscious timbre and true-to-life sound? Experience music in your way in the comfort of your room.


Your Keys to Creativity


The CT-S400 – more than your average keyboard. It’s your companion for learning, exploration and creativity. Enjoy the flexibility of switching up your playing as you improve. The keyboard evolves along with your style. Practice and play along with your favorite music or automatic accompaniment. Connect with an app or external device. Your experience is limited only by your imagination. With everything for everyone, it doesn’t matter what level you’re at – the CT-S400 will unlock a new creative you.


Sounds to Inspire Your Playing


Redefining what makes a ‘real’ instrument, the CT-S400’s AiX Sound Source technology interprets the expressive complexity of musical instruments. With a rainbow of sounds to choose from, you never need to stop playing. Piano, strings, brass, synthesizer, bass and drums – 600 tones mean you are no longer restricted to one genre and the world of music is yours to explore.
Which one will inspire you today?


The Sound of a Great Time


Despite the CT-S400’s compact size, Horizontal Bass Reflex technology boosts the lows and, together with custom speakers, brings powerful and vivid sounds to life. Add the surround sound function and truly experience the vibration and power of pure music. Let the Volume-Sync EQ function take control as it automatically adjusts the balance between bass and treble, maintaining a punchy, vibrant sound, even at lower volumes. Touch the pleasure of sound and experience rich audio from the comfort of your home.
Now, that’s music to our ears.


Get Right to the Good Stuff


With only the essential buttons on the CT-S400’s console panel, and a large dial to select tones and change settings via the LCD screen, the familiar keyboard layout ensures an intuitive experience. Maximize inspiration with My Setup. Program in a range of functions to suit your needs. Assign your favorite settings to each of the 5 buttons underneath the LCD screen and easily access them again with a single touch as soon as you’re ready. Customize the CT-S400, and make your music about you.


You Play the Keys, Casiotone Brings the Band


The CT-S400 brings the ensemble to you. With 200 rhythmic patterns from a vast range of genres, you can play along to any of your favorite tunes. Replicate the exhilaration of playing alongside other musicians using the automatic backing function with any of the 160 built-in songs. Customize settings and make the performance your own by changing the tempo and selecting left-hand or right-hand parts to play along with and individually practice.
Maintain your enjoyment – it’s all about stress-free practice at your own pace.


A Musical Partner That Is Always Close at Hand


Powerful meets compact. The CT-S400’s slim design means it’s easy to move and set up anywhere. Make music in any location, with or without a stand or desk. Ideal – even when space is limited – thanks to the handy strap pins. The CT-S400 will always be by your side and ready to play.


Smart, Creative, and Connected to Your World


The CT-S400 offers countless ways to enjoy the thrill of music. Listen to the music from your smartphone or tablet through the powerful keyboard speakers by using the Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor WU-BT10*. Access the score of each built-in song with the Chordana Play app. Customize melodies in Audio Mode by changing the key and tempo, or by using the ‘cancel melody’ and ‘cancel accompaniment’ buttons to turn your favorite music into a backing track, allowing you to play along. Use the MIDI capability in Lesson Mode to display piano roll, making practice fun! Connect to other MIDI-enabled apps and external devices to individualize your lessons – throw away your old notions of practice, get creative and have fun.

* sold separately


More Features

  • Touch Response – add intensity and rich expression to each note you play
  • Layer Function – expand your performance range by layering two tones
  • Split Function – divide the keyboard to play different tones
  • Metronome – keep time in practice and performance
  • Registration – save up to 32 sets (8 banks of 4 settings each), such as tone and rhythm
  • MIDI Recorder – record your performances and play them back
  • Pitch Bend Wheel – allow manual variations in pitch, giving your performance more flair and emotion
  • Phones/output jack – tuck yourself away from the world around you as you play


KeyboardNumber of Keys: 61
Touch Response: 3 sensitivity levels, off
Sound SourceAiX
Polyphony: 48
Layer3 (Upper1/2, Lower1)
EffectsReverb: 20
Chorus: 10 (+Preset for each tone)
DSP: Yes (Preset for each tone)
Master EQ: 10
Volume-Sync EQYes
AccompanimentNumber of Rhythms: 200
One Touch Preset: 200
Auto Harmonize: 12
User Rhythms: 10
Chord Mode: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2, Fingered On Bass, Fingered Assist, Full Range
Rhythm Elements: Intro, Normal, Normal-Fill, Variation, Variation-Fill, Ending, Synchro Start, Synchro Stop
Tap Tempo: Yes
Lesson Part Select: Yes
User Songs: 10
Demo Song: 1
Registration4 set x 8 bank
Freeze Function: Yes
My Set Up FunctionYes
Transpose-12 to 0 to +12 Semitones
TuningA4 = 415.5 Hz to 440.0 Hz to 465.9 Hz
Octave Shift-3 to 0 to +3 Octaves
Scale SettingEqual temperament + 16 variations
MIDI RecorderYes
Songs: 5
Tracks: 6 (1 system track, 5 solo tracks)
Memory Capacity: 40,000 notes (for each song)
General MIDIYes
Connection to Bluetooth®Bluetooth® MIDI/Audio: Yes (with optional adaptor)
Connection to AppSupported App: Chordana Play
TerminalsPHONES / OUTPUT: Stereo mini
PEDAL: Standard
AUDIO IN: Stereo mini
USB TO HOST: micro B
Type: Full-dot
Back Light: Yes (white)
Pitch Bend WheelYes
Strap PinYes
Speakers(13cm x 6cm) x 2
Horizontal Bass Reflex: Yes
Amplifiers2.5W + 2.5W
Power SupplyAC Adaptor: AD-E95100L (DC 9.5V)
Battery: AA-size alkaline batteries x 6 or AA-size rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries* x 6
Battery Life: Approximately 4 hours continuous operationActual continuous operation time may be shorter due to battery type, performance type, and usage environment.

  • * Measured values while using eneloop batteries. eneloop is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation.
Power Consumption7.5 W
Included AccessoriesMusic stand, Strap lock
Optional Accessories (sold separately)Pedals (SP-3, SP-20), Headphones (CP-16), AC adaptor (AD-E95100L), Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10), Special Stand (CS-2X), Benches (CB-7, CB-30BK, CB-30BN), Carrying Case (SC-650B)
EAN code4971850315100




Feel at One with the Music

Casiotone Today – A Perfect Combination of Tradition and Technology

The next generation of Casiotone is the product of 40+ years of experience and 
technological development since we created our first electronic musical instrument. 
They’ve been given a modern overhaul while staying true to our philosophy 
of creating musical instruments accessible to anyone.

Express Yourself Like Never Before with Aix Sound Source

A Maximum Range of Musical Expression
True to Each Instrument’s Characteristics
[AiX Sound Source]


Casio’s state-of-the-art AiX Sound Source technology delivers stunning depth and realism through the complementary design of circuits, mechanical build, software, LSI processors and other components, providing extraordinary sound from a remarkably compact keyboard. Based on in-depth analyses of the audio characteristics of different instruments, AiX Sound Source can accurately reproduce acoustic instruments such as pianos and strings, electric instruments such as electric guitars and organs, and the electronic sounds of synthesizers. Tap into the unique expressiveness of each instrument and let your imagination inspire your performance.


Custom LSI Processor Vividly Capture Subtle Nuances


To achieve this refined expressiveness, Casio has developed proprietary large-scale integrated (LSI) processors, which are an integral part of the new Casiotone. The high-performance custom LSI chips are efficiently designed for optimal sound expression, and the unique waveform compression technology makes rich, high-definition sound a reality. For example, not only are the source instruments painstakingly recorded to reflect the nuance of the performance, but the LSI chips can also model the characteristics of amplifiers found in vintage instruments. This is possible through high-speed processing of the considerable data amassed from these original vintage instruments, enabling a superbly realistic response to musicians’ performances.

Distinctive Tones Expand the Possibilities of Expression

Rich, Exultant Tones, Created Through a Relentless Pursuit of Excellence


ADVANCED TONES – upper-echelon, refined Casio tones – are crafted using the best of Casio technology. Created by carefully modeling the acoustic and vintage instruments used in many classic songs, the tones come to life through AiX Sound Source. The result is a vivid recreation of the unique character and nuance of each instrument, with tones that vary dynamically in response to different subtleties in playing, enabling fresh new forms of expression.

* Only available on the CT-S1.


The Classic Casio Sounds from Musical History


AiX Sound Source brings back the beloved sounds of Casio’s classic electronic instruments with CASIO CLASSIC TONES, an exclusive selection of 12 tones for keyboardists. Featured instruments include the flagship 1980 Casiotone 201 (CT-201), the legendary Casio ultracompact VL-1, as well as the pro musicians’ synthesizers of choice, the CZ-101 and VZ-1. Recreate the tonal atmosphere of a past era with these classic sounds.

* Only available on the CT-S1.

Powerful Acoustics from a Compact, Refined Structure


Innovative Bass-Reflex System Packs a Punch in a Compact Space
[Horizontal Bass-Reflex System]


The Horizontal Bass-Reflex System is a space-saving technology designed to produce powerful bass, even from slim-bodied instruments. Rather than being directly mounted to the upper housing, the speaker is mounted on a component attached to the lower housing, forming a dedicated enclosure (speaker box). Its solid structure enables the Bass-Reflex System to produce compelling bass while controlling distortion and sympathetic vibrations, while enclosure parts and screws that could obstruct air flow or result in sympathetic vibration were also carefully eliminated. The ducts are rounded, meaning that sounds generate less noise as they travel through them, and the bottom surface of the case is slightly raised to prevent bass tones from being trapped. The elliptical design of the speakers achieves a slimmer body with a larger surface area, while the two-stage magnet generates a stronger magnetic force. Also, the edges of the cones (diaphragms) are made from fabric for a crisp, clean sound.


Intelligent Sound Adjustment Ensures Big Sound, Even at Low Volumes
[Volume-Sync EQ]


Volume-Sync EQ automatically corrects the balance between higher frequency sounds and the low register, which is subjectively quieter at low volumes. Optimizing the sound based on the characteristics of human hearing, the result is a pleasing tonal balance at any volume. Simply turn the volume knob and enjoy the same full-bodied sound.


Immerse Yourself in Surround Sound


The new Casiotone offers enhanced stereo sound that’s tailored to suit each tone at the touch of a button, and is surprisingly immersive for its compact size.

A Slimline Case Packed with Compact Innovations


Slim, Lightweight Body for Making Music Anytime, Anywhere


The Casiotone speaker units and structural design are adventurous and creative, achieving a slim and portable lightweight body. Designed to fit into the tightest spots, the keyboards are easy to carry, making transportation a breeze.



Simple Beauty and Intuitive Ease of Use


The Casiotone user interface is elegant and simple, and perfected suited for a musical instrument, making them easy for anyone to use. A reduced number of buttons and knobs creates a sleek appearance, and the intuitive layout lets you find the desired control instantly. The CT-S1 is designed to let you select the sound you want and get right into the music with a single button. The CT-S400 and LK-S450 feature a wider variety of functions and sounds but the LCD screen navigated with a dial makes them very easy to use. Frequently used sounds and settings can be freely assigned to buttons on the panel for instant access.



Smooth Touch and a Diverse Range of Instrument Sounds


The CT-S1, CT-S400 and CT-S450 feature highly durable key mechanisms with muted mechanical noise that are robust enough to resist shaking while being played. Enjoy the dependable, tactile touch of Casiotone to create a wide range of expressive sounds, from acoustic and electric pianos to organs, synthesizers and more.

Expand Your Horizons


Wireless Capability Expands Casiotone’s Potential
[Bluetooth® MIDI / Audio]Bluetooth


The WU-BT10 wireless MIDI & AUDIO adaptor (sold separately) supports both audio and MIDI without an external power source – simply plug it into your Casiotone to take advantage of new possibilities. Audio and MIDI data are transmitted together via USB using a proprietary protocol. The adaptor is the world’s first* to support both audio and MIDI data simultaneously, enabling users to play back their favorite tunes from smart devices through the Casiotone speakers, and transmit MIDI data between their Casiotone and smart devices or other electronic equipment. Although latency and signal dropout can be a problem when using Bluetooth, our system has been carefully optimized for low latency and high stability. Enjoy stress-free music playback or play your Casiotone through our app.

* Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of these marks by CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. is under license.

Input/Output Terminals


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