Celviano AP-S450WE

Embrace the Tradition of the Piano with More Freedom and Ease


Crafted to resonate with the intricate and nuanced expressions unique to the rich tradition of grand pianos, our digital pianos boast exceptional musical prowess. Merging advanced capabilities that cater to the elevated and delicate art of grand piano performance with a contemporary approach to enjoying music, we have created a fusion that expands the joy of playing and unveils a world of new possibilities for you and your piano. Through an unprecedented musical journey, rediscover the allure of the piano and the magic of music itself. For those seeking a slim design without compromising authentic musical performance, the AP-S450 is your choice— seamlessly bringing the joy of playing to your room.




  • Unlock the captivating richness and expressive prowess inherent to the grand piano with our advanced sound technology.
  • Versatile and expressive grand piano tones tailored to the songs, genres, and playing styles you love, allowing you to personalize your performance.
  • A sound system that has been created to capture the natural resonance as if a grand piano were playing right in front of you.
  • A keyboard that achieves superior playability through the fusion of hammer action mechanics and digital control technology.
  • Carefully designed three-pedal system that enables delicate pedal work, capturing the subtleties of a grand piano.
  • Discover a multitude of innovative features that allow you to rediscover the enchantment of playing the piano.
  • Enjoy a compact, uncompromised design that effortlessly brings the charm of the piano into your life.
  • Explore a new piano experience with three distinct color variations, including the elegant Rosewood-style brown.



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