These Keys Unlock Doors

Learning to play your favorite tunes is now easier than ever. Relax and let the LK-S450 show you what note to play next. With the Key Lighting System illuminating the way, start playing your first song in as little as a few minutes. Complemented by the additional feature of the Step-Up Lesson Mode, you’re in control of how quickly you move through the levels. Enjoy learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Learning That Feels Like Playing

The freedom to play and enjoy the authenticity of music. Explore the variety of built-in songs in the LK-S450 and play along to your favorites. Use the accompanying app to make learning even more fun. When music lessons are this exciting, practice becomes play.

Sounds That Motivate You to Play

Compact but powerful, the LK-S450 is equipped with the AiX Sound Source – bespoke technology showcasing Casio’s expertise in the development of quality electronic instruments. Find your style, with 600 varieties of tone, and refine your musical palate by experiencing, first-hand, the colorful nuances of quality sound. The expertly curated combination of advanced technology and elevated sound quality provides you with an uplifting musical experience every time you play.

Bring Your Music to Life

Turn on and tune in with the LK-S450. Horizontal Bass Reflex technology, combined with custom speakers and surround sound function, produces powerful and vivid sounds with an unexpected deep resonance from such a compact device. Ensure consistent audio quality, with the Volume-Sync EQ function automatically adjusting the bass and treble balance, achieving a perfectly clear and energetic sound at any volume. This streamlined keyboard packs a punch. Immerse yourself in a whole new world of performance and fill your environment with sound.
Don’t just play the notes, make music an experience.

Lighting the Way to Your Music

Perfect for any level, the LK-S450 is your own personal teacher with its Key Lighting System guiding you through each piece by illuminating the keys in sequence. Play along to any of the 160 built-in songs with ease. Slow the tempo to help you practice, or learn melodies individually by selecting left-hand or right-hand parts only. The LK-S450 will act as your other hand. Everyone can experience success with the ‘Easy’ mode – simply enjoy your achievements without the stress. Let the LK-S450 guide you at your own pace and learn in a variety of ways.
All learning should be this much fun!

Unlock Your Potential

Indulge in the fun of music with the LK-S450. Choose from 200 rhythmic patterns and play along to your favorite tune with the automatic accompaniment setting. If Karaoke is more your style, sing along to one of the built-in songs. Play music from your smartphone or tablet though the keyboard’s speakers with the Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor WU-BT10*. If individuality is everything, customize the LK-S450’s audio with the Chordana Play app. The LK-S450 gives you the freedom to change the key and tempo, or turn your favorite music into a backing track with the ‘cancel melody’ or ‘cancel accompaniments’ functions. Built-in scores provide even more options. MIDI capability makes all lessons fun. Entertain yourself with a tune by playing along with the piano roll.
More than a mere keyboard, the LK-S450 is your key to the world of music.

* sold separately


Wherever You Are, Make Music

Stylish, casual, effortless. The LK-S450 is slim and light enough to fit anywhere, even over your shoulder. No desk or stand? Strap pins allow you to play anywhere. LK-S450’s intuitive interface comes with a variety of built-in tones and functions so you’re never short on material. Use My Setup to program in different functions, customizing your settings and assigning them to one of the 5 buttons below the LCD screen, then access them with a single touch when you’re ready to play.
Enrich your life with music.


Basic Information
Number of Keys: 61
Touch Response: 3 sensitivity levels, off
Sound Source: AiX
Maximum Polyphony: 48
Number of Tones: 600
Number of Rhythms/Patterns: 200 User Rhythms: 10
Automatic Accompaniment: Yes
Built-in Songs: 160 User Songs: 200
Demonstration Songs: Lesson Part Select: Yes, Demonstration Songs: 1
Recorder: [MIDI Recorder] 5 songs, 6 tracks (1 system track, 5 solo tracks) 40,000 notes for each song
Speaker: [13cm x 6cm] x2
Amplifiers: 2.5W + 2.5W
Power Supply: AC Adaptor: AD-E95100L (DC 9.5V) Batteries: AA-size alkaline batteries x 6 or AA-size rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries* x 6 Battery Life: Approximately 3 hours continuous operation Actual continuous operation time may be shorter due to battery type, performance type, and usage environment. *Measured values while using eneloop batteries. eneloop is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation.
Power consumption: 7.5W
Dimensions: 930 x 258 x 84 mm (w/o music stand)
Weight: 4.5kg (w/o batteries)
Included Accessories: Music Stand, Strap Lock
Key Features / Specifications
Reverb: 20 Chorus:
10 (+ Preset for each tone)
DSP: Yes (Preset for each tone)
Master EQ: 10
Layer/Split: Layer: 3 (Upper1/2, Lower1), Split: Yes
Octave Shift: -3 octaves ~ 0 ~ +3 octaves
Transpose: -12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones
Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 Hz ~ 440.0 Hz ~ 465.9 Hz
Scales: Equal temperament + 16 variations
One Touch Presets: 200 sets
Metronome: 0 to 16 beats; tempo range: 20 to 255
LCD: Yes, Type: Full-dot, Back Light: Yes (white)
Key Lighting System: Yes
My Set Up Function: Yes
Headphone mode: Stereo mini jack
Volume Sync EQ: Yes
  • Sustain
  • Auto Power Off
Inpur / Output Terminals
USB port: Type A
AUDIO IN: Stereo mini jack
MIC IN: Standard jack
PEDAL: Standard jack
PHONES/OUTPUT: Stereo mini jack
Extended Functions
Connection to App: Supported App: Chordana Play
Wireless Functionality: Bluetooth MIDI & Audio: Yes (with optional Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor WU-BT10)
MIDI: Yes (Using the USB port): GM level 1 compatible


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